Adding a task to monitor a previously created task


#include <libgearman/gearman.h>

gearman_task_st *gearman_client_add_task_status(gearman_client_st *client, gearman_task_st *task, void *context, const char *job_handle, gearman_return_t *ret_ptr)

Link with -lgearman


gearman_client_add_task_status() creates a gearman_task_st that can be used to monitor a previously created task.


You may wish to avoid using gearman_client_add_task() with a stack based allocated gearman_task_st. The most common issues related to ABI safety involve stack allocated structures. If you use a stack based gearman_task_st you must free it with gearman_task_free().


The gearman_task_st is created and a pointer to it is returned. On error NULL is returned and ret_ptr is set with a gearman_return_t.


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See also

gearmand(8) libgearman(3) gearman_task_st(3)

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